Although our pieces are made to last with tarnish resistant coating and the best, high-quality, gold plating/filled materials, things happen. The following are 10 tips for ensuring long-term care.
1. Wash your hands before putting on or taking off plated jewelry.
2. Put on gold-plated earrings after applying perfumes and/or oils.
3. Put on plated jewelry after applying lotion or makeup.
4. Take off your plated rings or bracelets before cooking or working in the kitchen or with cleaning products.
5. Remove plated jewelry before changing diapers.
6. Avoid rubbing plated bracelets and/or necklaces against each other. Prevent plated rings and bangles from hitting countertops, solid surfaces, or items in your purse/pockets.
7. Do not swim with your plated jewelry (salt water, chlorine, etc. oxidizes and dulls plated jewelry).
8. Don't wear plated jewelry when sweating or during exercise.
9. Clean plated jewelry gently, do not scrub vigorously.
10. Store gold plated jewelry in an airtight pouch or soft cloth separate from other jewelry when not in use.


Aside from Ka 'Ohana jewelry care best practices. When cleaning your gold-plated jewelry, fill a bowl with lukewarm water (never too hot), add a couple drops of non-toxic dish soap, mix it together to create a soap bath, allow your jewelry to soak for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse off any traces of soap from the jewelry, wipe down the pieces before completely dry with a polishing cloth, then allow to air dry.
If necessary, take a clean toothbrush and gently scrub the pieces before rinsing off. Remember to never scrub your jewelry too hard or vigorously.
DISCLAIMER: As a general rule, with any jewelry regardless of material makeup, there will be wear and/or tarnishing as the years go by. In order to ensure that your jewelry lasts as long as possible, please take care of your pieces the best you can!