Alaka'i Heirloom Cutout Earrings & Necklace Set

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Our Alaka'iĀ Heirloom Cutout Earrings & Necklace setĀ are from our first gold-filledĀ line to beĀ introduced to the Ka 'Ohana collection. Alaka'iĀ is the Hawaiian word meaning leader/guide. Featuring a beautiful, cutout-edge, heirloom design of plumeria flowers and leaves, this bangle is a representation of the Ka 'Ohana brand.

This exclusive set includes both Alaka'i Heirloom design Pearl Earrings and Pendant Necklace.

Both pieces are 18k gold-filled,Ā crafted with a gold brass base. Compared to our other 14k gold-plated pieces, these are more bright and yellowĀ in color.

The Alaka'i Heirloom Cutout Pearl EarringsĀ are medium to heavyweight. They measure a " drop with a " vertical pendant. TheĀ Alaka'i Heirloom Cutout Pendant is a beautiful " matching pendant. The pendant is removable, so you can decide whether you want to wear it as a necklace, attach it to your keyloop, or something else.Ā Our pendant is very lightweight to allow you to use it anywhere.

This collection is exclusive to Ka 'Ohana. The earrings and necklace are both comfortable to wear and sturdy. The details of the plumeria flowers and leaves are intricately designed to represent the juxtaposition between strength and beauty.

Is this bangle solid gold?

This product isĀ NOT solid gold. It is 18k gold-filled.

Do you offer personalization on this bangle?

No name engraving or stamping at this time on this particular piece.

*All earrings are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Please make sure to be 100% certain of your purchase before completing the payment. If you have changed your mind within 1-2 hours of purchase, send an email toĀ as we will not be able to accept your return or exchange for this product.*

About Gold Filled

Gold filled jewelry has a thicker coating of gold around the base material. This allows you to treat your bangle as a solid gold piece without much tarnish or wear. We still recommend treating your bangle with care for longevity and keeping away from lotions or oils for best shine.

Gold filled should remain away from high-sulfur environments. If you live on the Big Island, please store your jewelry in a sealed bag in order to prevent from sulfur-caused tarnishing.

While gold-filled is a superior alternative to gold-plated items, it is not the same as solid gold. Gold-filled items are subject to scratching against hard surfaces, metals, or items it may come in contact with often. You will be able to tell between scratching and tarnishing when your bangle shows silver (scratching) vs. bronze/green (tarnishing). Please take a look at our care guide for best practices for taking care of your jewelry.



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