U'ilani Heirloom Personalized Barrel Slider Necklace

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Important Notes

If purchasing through our Ka 'Ohana mobile app, please add enameling to notes at checkout.

The more letters enameled, the thinner the enameling will come out. Our U'ilani Heirloom Personalized Barrel Slider Necklace is a custom, for-you product.

If you are looking for our mini-sized U'ilani Heirloom Barrel Initial Necklace for personalization, please visit here

They are custom made for you. These are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Therefore ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

This necklace allows up to 8 characters to be engraved and enameled. Enameling is case-sensitive, we will produce exact how it is written. This includes okina or other special characters. We will contact you if we see a potential issue, however, if no response is received within 3 days, we will produce exactly how the enameling was submitted. We will not provide refunds for custom made items.

Description + Details

Our U'ilani Heirloom Personalized Barrel Slider is crafted of 14k gold-filled, 18k gold-filled or thick silver coated over a strong, gold brass base. This necklace features our U'ilani heirloom design of pua flowers twisted in Hawaiian vine. In the center, there is a space for your name, a loved one's name, location, date, or anything else. U'ilani is the Hawaiian word for heavenly beauty.

Our 18k gold filled has a bright yellow gold color (a little less bright than 24k gold, but brighter than 14k gold). Our thick coated silver is similar in look to a bright white gold.

  • Pendant Size: 
  • Length: 15"+2", 17"+2", 20"+2", or 22"+2" extender chain - Plate is not removable to switch to another chain.
  • Chain: 3mm rope chain
  • Materials: 14k Gold Filled, 18k Gold Filled or Thick Silver Coated
  • Timeframe: 3-5 weeks from batch date

The entire process from order to delivery is between 3-5 weeks. Please be patient as each necklace will be made specifically for you.

We are not able to refund, re-size, OR exchange this particular bangle as it is made for you.

Please view our jewelry care best practices to ensure long-term wear. However, our 18k gold filled pieces are very strong and almost like gold. Note: If you live near any known areas with sulfur, please store your gold filled jewelry in an air-tight pouch. Airborne sulfur has been known to diminish and fade gold-filled jewelry.

About Gold Filled

Gold filled jewelry has a thicker coating of gold around the base material. This allows you to treat your bangle as a solid gold piece without much tarnish or wear. We still recommend treating your bangle with care for longevity and keeping away from lotions or oils for best shine!

Gold filled should remain away from high-sulfur environments. If you live on the Big Island, please store your jewelry in a sealed bag in order to prevent from sulfur-caused tarnishing.

While gold-filled is a superior alternative to gold-plated items, it is not the same as solid gold. Gold-filled items are subject to scratching against hard surfaces, metals, or items it may come in contact with often. You will be able to tell between scratching and tarnishing when your bangle shows silver (scratching) vs. bronze/green (tarnishing). Please take a look at our care guide for best practices for taking care of your jewelry.

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